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(1980) – subject to platform availability
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Airplane - USA Airplane - Poland Airplane - Spain

Breakfast at Tiffany’s
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Breakfast at Tiffany's - USA Breakfast at Tiffany's - Italy Breakfast at Tiffany's - Japan

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Cloverfield - USA Cloverfield - Hungary Cloverfield - Israel

Dream Girls
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Dreamgirls - USA Dreamgirls - Russian Dreamgirls - Taiwan

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Flashdance - USA Flashdance - Russia Flashdance - Germany

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Footloose - USA Footloose - France Footloose - Japan

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The Godfather
(1972) – subject to platform availability
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The Godfather - USA The Godfather - Hungary The Godfather - Japanese

High Noon
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High Noon - USA High Noon - Spain High Noon - Italy

Mission Impossible
(1996) – subject to platform availability
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Mission Impossible - USA Mission Impossible - Argentina Mission Impossible - Japan

Old School
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Old Shool - USA Old Shool - Russia Old Shool - Korea

Paranormal Activity
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Paranormal Activity - USA Paranormal Activity - Denmark Paranormal Activity - Brazil

Roman Holiday
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Roman Holiday - USA Roman Holiday - Sweden Roman Holiday - Japan

Star Trek
(1979) – subject to platform availability
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Star Trek - USA Star Trek - Germany Star Trek - Korean

Top Gun
(1986) – subject to platform availability
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Top Gun - USA Top Gun - France Top Gun - Japan

True Grit
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True Grit - USA True Grit - Germany True Grit - Japan